Ministry of Public Health to conduct assessment of Thai rescue mission in Nepal on 5 May


BANGKOK, 2 May 2015 – The Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) is to conduct assessment of the Tha rescue mission in Nepal on next Tuesday 5 May while preparing a new team for its turn, Deputy Permanent Secretary for Public Health Suriya Wongkongkathep said on Saturday.

The MOPH assessment will be made on four aspects, two of which will be to look into the number of injuries and hygienic conditions covering their health, drinking water and toilets. Mr. Suriya said the number of patients is expected to rise on 4 May when victims in remote areas have been rescued and transferred to international relief centers.

The third evaluation will find out whether more rescue teams are necessary. And the final aspect involves the quality of life of Thai rescue and medical team. Possibly, electricity generators and camp kitchens will be sent to make their life easier to reduce their stress.

Mr.Suriya said the MOPH also planned to send the second and third emergency medical teams to Nepal on a rotating basis. Each team will work in the country for two weeks.