Ministry of Public Health: MERS patient in stable condition


BANGKOK – The Ministry of Public Health has announced that the second MERS patient in Thailand is in a stable condition. The Department of Disease Control said it will ask airlines to primarily screen passengers before boarding. 

Director-General of the Department of Disease Control M.D.Amnuay Kachina said the second Omani MERS patient in Thailand had been hospitalized at Bamrasnaradura Hospital since 23 January 2016. The patient still had a low fever and he was able to walk, talk and eat by himself. However, he was still given oxygen, said the doctor.

The department reported that there was one more person who had been in close contact with the Omani man and was therefore very susceptible to catching MERS. At present, 40 people are a high risk of being affected with the virus.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued the fourth announcement on the spread of MERS in Thailand. The ministry said it had instructed Thai embassies and consulates to explain to the international community that the spread of MERS in Thailand was under control. The Thai government was treating the patient and continuously monitoring all of the at-risk people. The government was handling the spread of MERS in the country in line with international standards, said the ministry.

The director-general also advised people with congenital diseases to avoid traveling to the countries affected with MERS.