Ministry of Public Health gives out mosquito repellant to flood victims


BANGKOK, 11 October 2013 Dr. Aphichai Mongkol, Director-General of the Department of Medical Science under the Ministry of Public Health, denoted several problems that arise after a flood. Currently, there are problems dealing with food safety, drinking water, and the issue of increasing mosquitoes. The Department of Medical Science thus entrusted the National Institute of Health to produce a mosquito repellant lotion – one solution for children, and the other for adults. 

The mosquito repellant shall be given out to a total of 7,600 flood victims. Moreover, the solution can also be used to repel black flies, no-see-ums, as well as removing leeches.

Those who have leeches attached to their bodies should not immediately yank them off. Rather, they should drop some of the repellant solution on to the leech or use a choice of saltwater, vinegar, alcohol, or tobacco soaked in water. After the leech has detached itself, the wound should be cleansed with soap and water, and then dabbed with beeswax balm.

The Herbal Research Institute was tasked with producing a hand-cleansing gel, Athlete’s foot ointment and herbal essential oil to be disseminated to the flood victims.

As for the safety of food, drinking water, and ice, the Department of Medical Science has organized a team of specialists that would survey and examine the possibility of its consumption.