Ministry of Public Health extends free influenza vaccine services


BANGKOK, 21 May 2014  – The Ministry of Public Health has continued giving free influenza vaccines for another 3 months. 

Dr. Sopon Mekthon, the Director-General of the Disease Control Department, said that influenza has been spreading faster than the past years as people are having weaker immune systems.

For the record, about 34,000 people have contracted influenza this year, and 58 of them have died. In order to prevent such outbreak, Dr. Sopon suggested that everybody use a serving spoon, eat hot foods, and wash their hands frequently. They should also see the doctor immediately in case there are any symptoms of influenza.

The Disease Control Department has extended the free vaccine service for 3 more months, which would end on July 31st. The vaccine is available at every government hospital throughout the country. For further information, contact the hotline 1422.