POMC calls meeting of leaders of the three governing branches of nation and protesters


BANGKOK, 21 May 2014 – The Peace and Order Maintaining Command (POMC) today issued an announcement calling a meeting this afternoon of important individuals in various branches of the Royal Thai Government such as the executive, the legislative and the Election Commission, as well as leaders of conflicting political parties. 

Under the sixth announcement signed by General Prayuth Chan-O-cha, Army commander in Chief in his capacity as POMC director, the following persons are requested to attend the meeting aimed at seeking solutions to the current political conflicts:

1. Government representatives comprising caretaker prime minister and four other members

2. Senate representatives comprising First Deputy Senate Speaker and four other members

3. The 5-member Election Commission of Thailand

4. Representatives of Pheu Thai Party comprising the party’s chief and four other delegates

5. Representatives of the Democrat Party comprising the party’s chief and four other delegates

6. Representatives of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee comprising its secretary-general and four other members

7. Representatives of the United Front of Democracy against Dictatorship comprising its chairman and four other members


The announcement asked supporters to the conflicting groups not to accompany their people to the meeting but stay in their respective rally sites. The meeting is scheduled at 1.30 p.m. at the Army Club.