Min Buri invites public to donate aluminum to make limbs


BANGKOK 20 March 2014  Min Buri district is inviting the public to participate in the donation of aluminum to a social assistance program, developed by the Pollution Control Department. 

The Director of Min Buri district, Bangkok, Sompote Phongsena has asked the public to join in the collection of aluminum material that can be made into prosthetic legs. The Pollution Control Department runs a continuous program to help the disabled.

The aim of the project is to support the separation of aluminum material from other trash in order to be made into prosthetic limbs for the disabled and the elderly. It takes one kilogram of aluminum to make one whole prosthetic leg.

Those who are interested in donating are encouraged to do so by collecting pure aluminum material, such as, powder puff trays in make-up sets, soda cans, old aluminum pots, and any other objects that are made of pure aluminum.

For more information, please contact 02-540-7275