Military distributes drinking water to drought-hit area


BANGKOK, 21 April 2014 – Authorities are speeding up help for drought victims in Phichit Province. Around 18,000 liters of water have already been delivered to the affected area. 

Soldiers from Phetchaburi Province traveled to Wang Sai Phun District in Phichit where they distributed 18,000 liters of water to 140 families affected by the severe drought. The hot weather conditions has reportedly impaired irrigation system in the area and caused widespread drought throughout the province.

Given the fact that Wang Sai Phun District has only small river basins and when they dry up, the locals will have to struggle without water until the rainy season comes back again.

As for long-term solutions, provincial authorities have made a request for budget to set up a medium-sized irrigation system in the district, so that the locals will have sufficient supply of water.