EC prepares to propose time frames for election


BANGKOK, 21 April 2014, The Election Commission (EC) has said it is ready for tomorrow’s meeting with 64 political parties to discuss a new round of national poll. 

Mr. Supachai Somcharoen, the EC Chief, made the announcement, during which he made a remark on the ruling Pheu Thai Party’s stance to have the election held on 15th of June, saying that further discussion with other political parties would be necessary to determine the possibility of the proposal.

He expressed his belief that tomorrow’s talks would produce a solution of some sort and that the meeting would not plunge the nation deeper into the political crisis as many had claimed.

Meanwhile, Somchai Srisuthiyakorn, an Election Commissioner, disclosed that the EC had devised a meeting plan, elaborating that the session would be divided into 2 parts: The commissioners would meet among themselves in the morning, and the discussion with the 64 political parties would take place in the afternoon at the Miracle Hotel. The talks was expected to begin at 2 PM and over by 4 PM, he said, adding access to the meeting would be granted to members of the media, while live broadcast of the forum would also be allowed.

Mr. Somchai said the EC would present its 3 different time frames it deemed appropriate for the general election; the soonest would be within 90 days as it had earlier proposed. He said the other 2 options were to organize the poll either within 120 or 150 days.

He said the proposed time frames were not final and the EC was open for suggestions for a more suitable date during the talks tomorrow.