Migrant workers urged to renew work permits


Bangkok – The Ministry of Labor is allowing 11,000 migrant workers in the fisheries sector to renew their work permits, so that they will be able to work in Thailand for another two years.

The work permits of these migrant workers are due to expire between 20th August and 30th September 2018. Extending their work permits will allow them to work in the kingdom for an additional year each time, until 30 September 2020.

The ministry believes this measure will ease the labor shortage in the fisheries sector in the short run.

To process applications to renew the work permits, the ministry has opened one-stop service centers in 22 coastal provinces including Chumphon, Ranong, Songkhla, and Phuket.

The Thai government recognizes the important role of migrant workers in supporting the Thai fishing and seafood processing industries. It has reorganized the management of migrant workers’ issues to tackle many problems and to benefit the workers themselves.