MFA organises Kathina Ceremony in ASEAN countries


BANGKOK, Nov 3 — Thailand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) will carry His Majesty the King’s royal Kathina robes to participate in the Kathina ceremonies at temples in nine ASEAN countries, as a move to strengthen the relationship between Buddhist devotees in the region.

MFA Information Department deputy director Linna Tangthasiri said the project has been conducted out by the ministry every year since 1995.

This year the ministry MFA will bringing nine of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s royal Kathina robes for use in the Kathina ceremonies at nine temples — one in every ASEAN member country set between October 9 to this Thursday, the Loy Krathong full moon day.

The ministry has already been to seven neighbouring countries and will join ceremonies in Myanmar and Vietnam before returning to Thailand.

This project is carried out by the MFA continuously to create stronger ties between Thailand and countries around the globe, other activities to promote stronger bilateral relationship include, inking of MoUs on culture and traditions, tourism and sports, organising Thai cultural dances, Muay Thai shows, as well as screening of Thai films abroad.