Metropolitan Waterworks Authority cuts tap water production


BANGKOK, Nov 2 – The Thai capital’s Metropolitan Waterworks Authority on Wednesday cut tap water production at its Bang Khen plant by 200,000 cubic metres a day as more time is needed to treat and improve the quality of water from flood-impacted Khlong Prapa, the city’s main source of drinking water.

The agency said the plant, the MWA’s largest, must reduce its capacity due to lower levels of dissolved oxygen in its raw water supply after floodwater inundated Khlong Prapa.

The cut will result in tap water running low in some areas.

The agency also asked residents living along Khlong Prapa to refrain from dismantling the earthen dykes along the canal as the action would affect tapwater production, meaning the MWA would have to further reduce its volume of production.

In an effort to prevent water flowing into non-flood wall protection sections of Khlong Prapa, the agency has further strengthened its flood defence line with 1.6 tonne sandbags.

All MWA offices except those in flooded areas are distributing free drinking water to the public around the clock. (MCOT online news)