Metropolitan police launches 4 urgent measures to help flood victims in Bangkok


BANGKOK, 28 October 2011  – Metropolitan Police Bureau launched 4 urgent measures for helping flood victims in Bangkok area.

Police major general Winai Tongsong, acting commissioner of Metropolitan Police Bureau, called for a meeting of the police officers under his command for the first time after taking up the office. He set 4 urgent measures for helping the flood victims in Bangkok area, which are ,

1. Take care of the people’s safety in both physical wellness and property

2. Traffic control and management

3. Facilitate the people in evacuation, relocating their belongings or building barriers

4. Provide Flood Relief Center

Moreover, He had teams of 10 fast moving units stationed at every police station in the metropolitan to assist the flood victims.

Police major general Winai confirmed that Metropolitan Police Bureau will take care of the people at large until the situation improves.