Measures to prevent prisoners from smuggling drugs


BANGKOK, 19 June 2011 -The Department of Corrections has imposed measures to prevent prisoners from smuggling drugs into the prison including cell phone jammers installed in 6 major prisons. 

Director General of the Department of Corrections Chartchai Sutthiklom has ordered all prisons to follow the measures seriously after the incident in one of the prisons in Narathiwat province. The disturbance injured prison wardens while searching for illegal drugs among the prisoners.

A Commission of Inquiry was formed to monitor the officers’ performance and investigate cases where prison officers are suspected of smuggling drugs. In addition, the measures are to be extended to all prisons along with the installation of wiretaps.

However, there are only 6 major prisons already installed with cell phone jammers. More than 100 prisons are still lagging behind due to the lack of budget.