Measures rolled out to tackle road collapses nationwide


BANGKOK, July 2015 – The Department of Rural Roads is rolling out solutions to a series of road collapses across the country, brought on by the drought crisis.

The department said canal-side roads generally remained intact due to the pressure of water in canals and the amount of rock and soil lining up against canals. The drought drained canals and caused the soil to dissolve, prompting road surface to crack.

It was revealed that roads under the supervision of the department suffer collapses with an estimated total length of 5.2 kilometer, which is 0.2 percent of the entire distance.

Warning signs and road barriers have erected to improve road safety in areas with major collapses. Repair work will be carried out during the next 7-10 days. Drilling operations will be conducted to design better methods to fortify the roads.

In addition, the department has announced measures to prevent further subsidence. 10-wheel trucks driving past canal-side roads cannot weigh over 18 tons, and relevant agencies are required to better manage canal dredging and maintain water levels.