MOPH & AOT sign deal to develop Styrofoam-zero airport restaurants


BANGKOK, July 2015 – The Department of Disease Control and the Department of Health have signed an agreement with Airports of Thailand Plc (AOT) to raise the standards of airport restaurants.

The deal is intended to encourage operators of food outlets in all airports to pay more attention to safety and cleanliness of their food and facilities, in order for airport restaurants across the country to on par with the World Health Organization’s standards.

Eateries of which the quality of products and services is in compliance with the Ministry of Public Health’s requirements will be given Clean Food Good Taste certificates. The ministry has also planned to conduct a campaign seeking reduction of the use of polystyrene containers among food outlets and customers since this type of environmentally-unfriendly food container is blamed for a variety of health problems, including cancer.

The campaign will soon be launched in 10 airports countrywide.