Many areas organize activities on Valentine’s Day


TRANG – Different provinces are organizing activities for lovers on Valentine’s Day (Feb 14). Twenty couples plan to tie the knot at the world-renowned “Underwater Wedding Ceremony” in Trang province this year. Many couples are also visiting the sunflower field in NongKhai province, as the flowers are now in full bloom.

Some 12,000 tons of sunflowers are in full in bloom in a vast field near Hat Kham Municipality Office in Muang NongKhai district, NongKhai province. The sunflowers were planted four years ago to attract tourists on Valentine’s Day. A 100-meter-long bamboo bridge was built across the sunflower field for visitors to oversee and enjoy the beautiful landscape. The project was launched after a group of farmers had harvested their crops and wanted the area to become a tourist destination. Sunflowers are heat-tolerant and use less water, and are suited to this area. The farmers wanted the sunflowers to bloom at this time of the year to attract more tourists and generate more income for the community.

The southern province of Trang is hosting its 24th “Underwater Wedding Ceremony”. This year, 15 Thai couples and five foreign couples have registered to join the event. The five foreign couples include a Malaysian couple, a Thai-Canadian couple, a Thai-Swedish couple, a Thai – Chinese couple and a Thai-German couple. In the morning, the brides and grooms traveled to important destinations of Trang province to help promote tourism and had their pre-wedding photographs taken. In the evening, the participants are to take part in a traditional wedding ceremony before signing their wedding certificates under the sea near Mook island, Trang province.

Bueng Kan province is hosting an event to celebrate Valentine’s Day for the third year. At the event, couples sign their wedding certificates presented by the provincial governor, and the ceremony is witnessed by their families, civil servants and tourists. The event is held to promote Bueng Kan’s popular tourist destination, Three-Whale Rock, which symbolizes stability and longevity.

In the southern border province of Yala, many students are out buying roses, especially red ones, at shops in Yala municipality. The roses are now 15 to 20 baht each. Some people buy a bouquet of flowers, with prices starting at 100 baht. The students say they want to give the roses to their teachers and friends, while the adults say they want to give the roses to their work colleagues, revered persons, parents and loved ones. Others choose to buy dolls and gifts instead of roses for their loved ones. Prices of roses in Thailand have not been increased this year.