Malaysian tourists confident in Thailand’s security measures


YALA – Malaysian tourists remain apparently confident in Thailand’s security measures.

Some Malaysian tourists reportedly drove sport cars past the Hakka Association premises in Betong district of Yala province, despite violences which earlier occurred in Thailand’s three southern border provinces.

They said they still had confidence in the security measures currently taken by the Thai authorities.

Betong District Police Superintendent Pol Col Suchart Said disclosed that he had instructed police to strengthen security measures in Betong district. Besides, a combined force of police, military and government personnel have been stationed at the Betong security checkpoint around the clock, he said.

In downtown area, vigilantes and other members of the public observe and alert the authorities of any suspicious-looking parked vehicles and other objects which might possibly contain explosives. A large number of tourists from Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia as well as Thai travelers visit Betong daily.

Also, security guards at department stores carefully examine cars and trucks in the parking lots. Vehicles fueled by natural gas are not allowed to be parked in there.