Majority of Thais want government to tackle cost of living problems: ABAC poll


BANGKOK, June 3— Most Thais want the government to focus on solving the ongoing economic problems rather than on pushing the proposed reconciliation bills through deliberation, according to the latest Assumption University ABAC poll released on Sunday.

The poll, which surveyed public opinion on drafts of the reconciliation bill and peace in the country, was conducted between May 25-June 2 among 2,258 respondents over the age of 18 in 17 provinces nationwide.

Some 88.9 percent of poll respondents said that they wanted the government to speed up easing problems related to high cost of living and rising goods prices first while the rest of them, or 11.1 percent, want the government to give priority to the deliberation of the four drafts of the reconciliation bill.

Meanwhile, most respondents said that they have never known about details within the four drafts of the reconciliation bill.

In addition, more than half, or 66.2 percent, feel that the drafts of the reconciliation bill will not pave the way for the country’s peace and reconciliation.

The poll also revealed that 80 percent of those surveyed believed that the political sector would mainly benefit most from the reconciliation bill while 20 percent of them said that most Thai people would benefit.

Regarding the recent disorder in the Parliament last week, a large majority, or 79.8 percent, thought that the chaos reflected on backwardness and poor quality of MPs.