Mahasarakham Volunteer Defense Forces attend performance enhancing seminar


MAHASARAKHAM, 9 Feb 2015, Mahasarakham Volunteer Defense Forces on Sunday attended a performance enhancing seminar, part of the province’s bid to prepare them for better support for the area’s administration, military and police.

A total of 104 members of the provincial Volunteer Defense Forces attended the event, which started on Sunday and will conclude on Tuesday, at Somdet Phraputthayodfah Army Camp in Roi Et Province.

The purpose of the three-day seminar is to create understanding about the volunteers’ role in order to prepare them for their role as important secondary forces for the Department of Provincial Administration, under the Ministry of Interior, in providing assistance to the locals.

According to officials, the Volunteers Defense Forces offer great support in dealing with social issues such as narcotics, illegal migrant workers, encroachment on public property, corruption, political conflicts, religions, and cultures.