Maehongsorn likely to experience flashfloods and mudslides


MAEHONGSORN, 20 August 2012 -The Meteorological Department in Maehongsorn province has issued a warning for its residents against flash floods as storm ‘Kai Tak’ has brought heavy rains to Muang district of Maehongsorn province. 

The impact of Kai Tak, which lashed Vietnam over the weekend, was evident in the northern province of Thailand, where the heavy downpour lasted up to one hour on Sunday with the amount of rain recorded at 51 millimeters.

Although Kai Tak has begun to weaken into a lower pressure system, Maehongsorn, however, will continue to experience heavy rains until August 25th, 2012. Warnings of flashfloods and mudslides have already been put out to keep residents on their toes, and for commuters to take extra caution on the road as one of the roads in Muang district has reportedly been heavily covered in mud.