LPG price lowered, NGV price raised


BANGKOK, 8 September 2015 (NNT) – The Energy Policy and Planning Office (EPPO) has slashed the LPG price by 67 satang per kilogram while raising the NGV price by 50 satang per kilogram.

The Energy Policy Administration Committee, chaired by Energy Minister Anantaporn Kanjanarat, has resolved to make the price changes in order for the gas prices to better reflect their true costs. According to the committee, raising the NGV price to 13.50 baht per kilogram meant the price is approaching the true cost of 14.60 baht per kilogram; however, the NGV price for public service vehicles is being maintained at 10 baht per kilogram. LPG is now priced at 22.29 baht per kilogram.

The committee has also reduced the contribution amount toward the Oil Fund charged on gasohol 95 and gasohol 91 fuels. Owing to the changes, gasohol 95 now sells for 40 satang per liter less, whereas the pump price of gasohol 91 remains the same.