Lower death toll in first four Songrkan days


BANGKOK, 15th April 2017  – The number of injuries and deaths in the first four safety-campaign days of the Songkran holiday has been reduced, while the authorities are now preparing to supervise return traffic, says an official.

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The Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation’s (DDPM) Deputy Director-General, Kobchai Boonyaorana said today the number of deaths in the first four days of the Songkran safety campaign, is lower year-on-year despite a higher number of accident cases.

He said the department has been working with the police, the Ministry of Transport, and the Ministry of Public Health to prevent loss of life in accidents.

The authorities are now working to ensure safety at festival venues, and are also focusing on the return journeys of thousands of city residents, as the festival comes to an end. Checkpoints are being relocated to main roads to ensure the safety of inbound travels.

Members of the general public are reminded to check the condition of their vehicle prior to the journey, plan the route in advance, and take rests while driving long distances. Advice on traffic routes can be received by calling the Highway Police hotline 1193.