Loei gears up for ghost festival


LOEI, June 2015 – The northeastern province of Loei is gearing up for the world-renown ghost festival, which will take place in late June.

The ghost festival, locally known as Phi Ta Khon, was a unique celebration of Dan Sai district. It is believed that the festival was influenced by the story of Prince Vessantara, the Buddha-to-be. Loei Governor Wirote Jiwarangsan announced the festivities in a press conference.

The festival consists of three days of activities, including a parade of ghosts, games, the firing of rockets, costume and dance contests as well as religious and merit-making rites. The exotic Phi Ta Khon ghost procession makes the annual event a must-see for both Thai and foreign visitors. The local ghost is also the symbol of the Loei City Football Club.

The ghost festival will be held between June 26 and 28 in front of Dan Sai District Office.