Local Teenagers Spoil the image of Wan Lai


At about 6pm while the rest of Pattaya was still enjoying water throwing at different corners of the city, an incident with real guns as opposed to water pistols took place at Klong Thom market next to Mini Siam on Sukhumvit Highway.

Three men were critically injured and needed immediate medical attention.

Banglamung police rushed to the scene and saw only pools of blood on the street. Two of the men who had been shot were unconscious one was 19 and the other only 17 years old

Medical Officers tend to the injured menMedical Officers tend to the injured men

A food vendor who witnessed the attack told police that there were 10 local youngsters who were having fun with the water in the area. She said all of a sudden there was another group of 8 young men riding on motorbikes approaching the local group and threatened to start a fight.

Unknowingly one of the local men acted like he had a gun and intended to shoot the motorbike gang, but the approaching men were much quicker to defend themselves and started firing real  bullets at the local boys.

Another shooting incident happened on Pattaya third road near Excite Pub where 5 were injured after a clash between two local teenage groups.

At the Memorial Hospital a 29 year old woman told police that her and her other two friends had nothing to do with the conflict, were victims of the barrage of bullets.

She had been shot in the foot her friend 31 year old man was shot in the right cheek, and 30 year old man got shot in the neck and was in a critical state.

Witnesses said a group of men tried to provoke a fight with the teenagers at the scene. After a few minutes they started to fire shots into the crowd. The shooting resulted in injuries of innocent people standing near by.

Local Teenagers Spoil the image of Wan Lai