Let’s #GoNorthThailand this ‘Green Season’ May-October

The TAT Northern Region Office has recommended amazing natural sights, flower festivals and special events for everyone to enjoy this green season.

Thailand is officially entering the green season and so the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is pleased to invite tourists from around the world to come enjoy the country’s Northern Region at its greenest time, between mid-May and mid-October.

The 17 northern Thai provinces boast Thai countryside at its greenest with special events and flower festivals as well as Thai local experience, picturesque rice fields, amazing national parks, and mist-shrouded mountains and valleys.

This is truly a magical time to visit the north of Thailand. To facilitate tourists, the TAT Northern Region Office has recommended amazing natural sights, flower festivals and special events for everyone to enjoy.

Picturesque rice fields and community tourism experiences

  1. Ban Pa Bong Piang, Mae Cham District, Chiang Mai
    2. Doi Mae Salong, Mae Fah Luang District, Chiang Rai
    3. Ban Huai Hom, Mae La Noi District, Mae Hong Son
    4. Ban Na Khuha, Mueang District, Phrae
    5. Doi Sakat, Pua District, Nan
    6. Ban Nam Juang, Chat Trakan District, Phitsanulok
    7. Ban Na Ton Chan, Si Satchanalai, Sukhothai
    8. Khao Nor-Khao Kaew, Banphot Phisai District, Nakhon Sawan

Fresh morning with panoramic views of mist-shrouded mountains and valleys

  1. Doi Mae Tho, Hot District, Chiang Mai
    2. Doi Sa Ngo, Chiang Saen District, Chiang Rai
    3. Ban Jabo, Pang Mapha District, Mae Hong Son
    4. Wat Phraphutthabat Sutthawart, Chae Hom District, Lampang
    5. Pha Chang Noi Viewpoint, Pong District, Phayao
    6. Mon Mae Terk, Rong Kwang District, Phrae
    7. Phu Sanao, Ban Khok District, Uttaradit
    8. Ban Sop Khun, Wang Pha District, Nan
    9. Phu Thap Buek, Lom Kao District, Phetchabun
    10. Khao Luang Sukhothai, Khiri Mat District, Sukhothai
    11. Mae Moei National Park, Tha Song Yang District, Tak
    12. Ban Chai Khao, Lan Sak District, Uthai Thani

Exploring 8 of Northern Thailand’s amazing waterfalls and rivers

  1. Pi Tu Gro (heart-shaped waterfall), Um Phang District, Tak
    2. Thi Lo Su Waterfall, Um Phang District, Tak
    3. Khek River White-water Rafting, Wang Thong District, Phitsanulok
    4. Man Daeng Waterfall, Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park, Phitsanulok
    5. Phu Sang Waterfall, Phu Sang District, Phayao
    6. Tad Yai Waterfall, Nam Nao District, Phetchabun
    7. Klong Lan Waterfall, Khlong Lan District, Kamphaeng Phet
    8. Pha Rom Yen Waterfall, Ban Rai District, Uthai Thani

Colourful fields of green season flowers that can be seen once a year

  1. Pinkish-purple Dok Krachiao (Siam Tulip flowers), Doi Chong National Park, Sop Prap District, Lampang
    2.White Proh Phu flowers (Boesenbergia alba), Nakhon Thai District, Phitsanulok
    3. Ginger-orange Dok Krachiao (Siam Tulip flowers), Namtok Pha Charoen National Park, Phop Phra District, Tak
    4. Dok Thien Phi Seur (Impatiens patula Craib), Doi Hua Mod, Um Phang District, Tak
    5. Light-yellow Teak flowers, Mae Yom National Park, Song District, Phrae
    6. Dok Ngon Nak (Murdannia gigantea), Phu Soi Dao, Ban Khok and Nam Pat Districts, Uttaradit
    7. Dok Krachiao Yak (large Siam Tulip flowers), Ban Khao Lon, Thap Khlo District, Phichit
    8. Sea of pink water lilies, or Talay Bua Daeng, Tha Tako District, Nakhon Sawan

Special events

  1. Amazing Chiang Mai Pride 2024, 26 May – 30 June 2024, Chiang Mai
    2. Uthai Thani Durian Festival 2024, May to July 2024
    3. Night Run Nakhon Lampang 2024, 2 June 2024
    4. Doi Chang Trail 2024, Chiang Rai, 22-23 June 2024
    5. Ultra Trail Doi Soi Malai 2024, Tak, 22-23 June 2024
    6. Uttaradit Durian Festival 2024, Uttaradit, 29-30 June 2024
    7. Music & Film Festival 2024, Phitsanulok, 29-30 June 2024
    8. Nan Food Festival 2024, Nan, 3-5 July 2024
    9. Pai Jazz and Blues Fest 2024, Mae Hong Son, July 2024
    10. Uthai Trail 2024, Uthai Thani, 4 August 2024

For more information, please contact the respective TAT Offices in Northern Thailand. The contact details are available via this link: https://www.tatnews.org/tat-local-offices/  (TAT)