Land subsidence in Ang Thong widens; province to announce disaster zone


ANG THONG, July 2 — Land subsidence in Ang Thong’s Pho Sa sub-district widened overnight, damaging 13 homes. Provincial authorities are about to announce the area a disaster zone.

Ang Thong Governor Visava Sasisamit and Ang Thong’s provincial seat district chief Somchai Anawatchakul  inspected Pho Sa sub-district this morning, where subsidence occurred over the weekend.

Sinkholes had widened and 13 homes now have been damaged, as compared to nine structures yesterday. The cause of the sinkholes is being investigated.

The authorities initially believed that it may be the result of last year’s massive flood that may have eroded and carried away subsoil to the Chao Phraya River.

Gov Visava was considering proclaiming Pho Sa as a disaster zone and urged affected residents to move to stay with relatives for their safety.

He said that the authorities from agencies concerned would find the cause of the land subsidence.