Lampang’s drought affects eggplant farming


LAMPANG, 22 April 2014  – Lampang province’s drought situation is severely affecting local eggplant farms. Reports indicate that damage to the produce have been quite high.

Lampang’s current drought crisis is greatly affecting the farming of local eggplants. Many water sources have now completely dried up, rendering the situation even worse to the farmers.

Mr. Akkarit Chittangkul, a local relief effort official, has reported that the region is going through a serious drought period. Hundreds of rai of land in the area have been so far facing water shortages, making it difficult to maintain agricultural farms.

Some local farmers have been forced to dig up groundwater wells in order to water the eggplants, putting even more strain on their financial investments for the crops, which in turn results in decreased profits. Other problems include plant diseases stemming from the current drought situation.