Lampang ranks 7th in number of hand- foot-mouth patients


LAMPANG, 28 July 2012  – The Provincial Health Office of Lampang has made public the most recent situation of the hand, foot and mouth syndrome in the province. 

The data, collected during January-July 25, 2012, showed that a total of 246 people were afflicted with the hand, foot and mouth syndrome, a rate of 32.47 patients per 100,000 citizens. Most of the cases were found in Jae Hom district, Mae Mo district, and Wang Nuea district. At present, there have been no fatalities reported. The age group that saw the highest number of people afflicted with the disease were children aged up to 4 years. The second highest number of patients was found in the group aged 5 to 9, and the third highest were those aged 10 to 14.

As for the situation in eight northern provinces, it was found that Lampang ranks seventh in terms of number of patients. Nationwide, there have been 16,860 people afflicted with the hand-foot-mouth disease.