Laem Chabang port expansion scheme talked over with investors

Laem Chabang sea port,
Laem Chabang sea port,

Chonburi – Deputy Transport Minister Pichit Akrathit has discussed co-investment plans for the third phase expansion of Laem Chabang sea port with a selection of private companies.

Akrathit said the private firms, including Nathalin Group, Ngowhock, and Global Inter, have expressed opinions about the investment scheme which may start as late as 2025.

The development will first require the Environmental Health Impact Assessment (EHIA) which will take approximately 2 years from 2017, followed by the construction of basic infrastructure, the excavation of navigating canals, and land reclamation which will take approximately 4 years, and the selection of private companies responsible for the operation of port, construction, and the procurement of machinery in a three-year time frame prior to opening.

The entire process of the third-phase development will take about eight years, said the deputy minister, with some overlapping schedules along the way.

The participating companies involved in the talks called for the Ministry of Transport to expedite the process as Thailand is in need of more port capacity due to the increasing amount of containers being shipped in the market, and that private companies are ready to invest in the project.

The Port Authority of Thailand initially expressed the potential to streamline the company selection process, which will allow the development of the project to commence before 2025.