Labour Ministry will brief NLA of its responsibility toward foreign migrant workers


The Ministry of Labour is to inform the National Legislative Assembly about its six-point measure to tackle problem regarding children of foreign migrant workers in Thailand during a hearing scheduled on November 17-18.


Labour deputy permanent secretary Varanont Pititham said Tuesday that agencies concerned would take care of those children by ascertaining their status, verifying their identities and according them with treatment which is universally practiced.

There are four types of foreign labour in the country: transnational foreign labourers and their dependents from Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar totaling 1.4 million of them; 965832 foreign workers whose nationalities have been ascertained; 365,785 legal migrant workers from Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar who entered Thailand legally and 1,569 Vietnamese labourers who were given visas and work permits.

According to the Interior Ministry’s census, there are 118,671 children of foreign migrants from the three neighbouring countries of whom 70,000 of them have attended classes in Thailand.

The children will be taken care of and provided with protection by officials concerned, said Mr Varanont.

To prevent the foreign migrant workers from having too many children born in Thailand, he said the ministry would not open registration for newcomers and would encourage migrant workers not to bring their dependents into Thailand.

Once their employment contracts have expired, the workers will have to leave Thailand, he added.