Labor Ministry considers minimum wage criteria for 2018


BANGKOK – The Ministry of Labor held a seminar to consider the criteria for the minimum wage in 2018, taking into account factors in varied areas and industries.

Deputy Labor Ministry Permanent-Secretary Singhadet Chu-umnart presided over the seminar at Century Park Hotel, Bangkok, which was held as a guideline for provincial subcommittees responsible for adjustment to the minimum wage in each area and industry.

Joint efforts will be taken between the government and private sector considering the productivity of workforce, and focusing on the promotion of high-skilled workers whose demands will increase due to the country’s restructured manufacturing sector which is focusing more on the production of high-quality goods.

The adjustment to the wage according to the skill levels will allow workers with more skills to have the opportunity to make more earnings than those in the non-skill category.

The minimum wage for one province will not necessarily be equal to that for another, however.