Bryde’s Whale viewing area to be developed as a tourist attraction


SAMUT SAKHON– Members of the press and tourism operators have been taken on a tour of an area in the Gulf of Thailand where Bryde’s whales have been spotted.

President of the Samut Sakhon Fishermen’s Association, Kamjorn Mongkoltrilak led the expedition, departing from Muang district of the province through an area mostly comprised of mussel farms. The tour also passed a shrine set up in the open water and slated to be a major tourist attraction in the future. It was originally constructed in 1998 but was left in disrepair after being hit by a major storm.

The site for whale viewing is 16 kilometers from shore and takes about two hours to reach. During the trip led by Kamjorn, a mother and calf whale dubbed Wandee and Wanmai, were seen. The entire route is to be converted into a tourist attraction for the province.