Koh Chang submits proposal to PM for local tourism development


Trat – As part of the Thai Cabinet retreat in the eastern region, the Prime Minister has accepted a proposal from the people of Koh Chang for further development of tourism on the island.

With the aim of raising the economic value of the tourism industry on Koh Chang, the proposal consists of seven projects, namely the construction of a 10-kilometer road circling the island, construction of the Khlong Phrao Reservoir, improvement of the island’s waste separation plant, development of wastewater collection and treatment systems, renovation of public piers, enhancement of the public health system and establishment of a tourism personnel training center.

Gen Prayut gave an assurance that all the proposed projects will be considered by relevant state agencies, adding that some of them have already been partially implemented and are currently pending further consultations among the involved officials.

The Prime Minister cited Koh Chang as a quality tourism destination due to its safety and pristine natural resources. Therefore, he called on local residents to help preserve its beauty and cleanliness while asserting that tight security measures will be maintained in a bid to boost tourist confidence.