Beach-goers in Phang Nga still smoking despite ban


Phang Nga – Despite the smoking ban imposed earlier this month on 24 beaches across 15 provinces of Thailand, several reports have indicated that beach-goers in Phang Nga province continue to violate the new regulation.

Officials spotted a number of smokers on Khao Lak beach of Takua Pa district, where local and foreign tourists were seen enjoying recreational activities. They also pointed out that the local administrative units responsible for the beach have failed to erect any signs warning visitors about the ban. Several business operators have also claimed that they were not aware of the new code, with only some hotels providing designated smoking spaces for their customers.

The President of Phang-Nga Tourism Association admitted that related authorities may not have effectively informed the public about the ban. She vowed to rectify the situation by improving public relations strategies, in order to prevent the new policy from affecting the local tourism scene.