Khon Kaen welcomes Fujian officials in advance of upcoming meetings


KHON KAEN, 26 February 2014  Khon Kaen officials prepare to welcome a delegation from Fujian province in China, who will travel to Thailand’s Northeast for talks with officials from some northeastern provinces from 7-10 March. 

At Khon Kaen City Hall, Mr. Vinai Sitthimonton, Deputy Governor of Khon Kaen, attended a meeting with the heads of the concerned government agencies who will welcome Fujian officials coming to Khon Kaen. The aim of the meeting is to strengthen the relationship between the central northeastern provinces and Fujian province and enhance cooperation. This includes boosting trade and investment, solidifying business talks and holding annual trade fairs.

In terms of art, culture and tourism, tourism in Khon Kaen will be promoted. Education-wise, an agreement between Huaqiao University and Khon Kaen University will be signed, a curriculum for exchange students is being prepared and Chinese language will be taught to students for those interested. Also, an alternative university will be founded.

br /> The Fujian group will later visit Maha Sarakham and Kalasin.