Khon Kaen destined as Thailand’s new green city


KHON KAEN, 24 October 2011 -Khon Kaen province has been set as a new green city of Thailand that will promote the use of alternative energy and attract investors in the ASEAN region.

Thailand’s Board of Investment Shanghai Office Director Ms. Bung-on Thitapaisarn said at the 8th China-ASEAN Expo in Nanning of China that Khon Kaen was introduced to Chinese participants as a trading hub of ASEAN.

The move was to facilitate Thailand into becoming an active member of the ASEAN Economic Communtiy in 2015. According to Ms. Bung-on, many Chinese investors were interested in Thailand as the country had potentials in many areas such as food, health, services and electronics just to name a few.

Those investors also showed great interest in the green energy industry in Thailand, which, according to Ms. Bung-on, responded well to the EGO City project of Khon Kaen which has begun since 2004. The ‘green city’ concept has been raised to appeal to prospective Chinese investors.

As for the flood crisis, Ms. Bung-on said the Board of Investment has always kept foreign investors updated on the situation and they are fully aware of the natural disaster while they continue their businesses in Thailand.