Chi River floods Kalasin-Roi Et main road


KALASIN, 24 October 2011 – Chi River flushed into the main Kalasin-Roi Et road, making it impassable for small vehicles.

Overflow from the Chi River destroyed the 1-metre-high clay embarkment in Lam Chi sub-district in Khlong Chai district and Chao Tha sub-district in Kamalasai district, flooding a lot of rice fields and houses. In addition, it has inundated 2 sections of the main road under the responsibility of the Department of Highways.

The first inundated section is around the intersection at the entrance of Ban Hua Haed and around Ban Nong Chod at a distance of 1 kilometre long with 70 cm-high water level, making small vehicles unable to pass. Another section of 80 metres is around Ban Tha Klang close to the foot of the Chi River Bridge.

Those travelling from Kalasin to Roi Et can avoid the flooded routes by driving up to Ban Bo Intersection, turning left for 20 metres and turning right at the 5 km mark on a non-asphalt road which passes Ban Nong Tu, Ban Dong Ling and Ban Nong Chod. This road leads to the Kalasin-Roy Et main road and River Chi River Bridge connecting to Roi Et province. Another option to go to Roi Et provinve is via Yang Talat district, into Kanthara Wichian district to reach Maha Sarakham province and Roi Et province respectively.