Khon Kaen Airport improves services for Songkran


KHON KAEN, Staff at Khon Kaen Airport are encouraged to increase their service capacity for the public’s travels during the Songkran holidays, prioritizing on passengers’ safety and convenience.


The Department of Airports Director-General Darun Saengchai revealed he had delivered the policy to officials of Khon Kaen Airport to come up with special measures to provide safety protection and facilitation for passengers traveling during the Songkran holidays. More staff will be deployed at security checkpoints to scan for dangerous items and regulate access to the airport’s restricted zones.

Airport staff are instructed to ensure their equipment’s readiness and will be strictly regulating the carrying of power banks onboard the aircraft. Power banks with power capacity exceeding the limit will not be allowed to be brought onboard onto the aircraft.

20 flights from 5 airlines use Khon Kaen Airport on a daily basis. The number of passengers in 2016 was recorded at 1,499,823 persons, which is tripled from the figures in 2013.

The Department of Airports is aiming to expand the airports capacity with the construction of a new passenger terminal expected to be opened in 2021. The new passenger terminal will increase the airports annual passenger capacity to 5 million passengers.