Khao Niew Road unfazed by afternoon rain


KHON KAEN 16 April 2014 — Khon Kaen’s famous Khao Niew Road saw strong winds and a thunderstorm showering over the crowd for a good one hour. However, the festival goers were unfazed and continued their water splashing activities right after the storm blew over.

Although a heavy thunderstorm belted down on the crowd at Khao Niew Road in the afternoon on Tuesday, April 15, the energetic water splashers were unfazed and they continued their Songkran fun immediately right after the rain subsided.

At 7 am.,Khon Kaen’s Mayor Theerasak Thethayupan announced the commencement of the “human wave” that is well-known in the province, in which a kilometer long of participants were reported to have joined in and the entire alcohol-free “wave” lasted 10 minutes.

According to the Governor, the province will next year hold a one-of-a kind-event that will certainly book its way into the Guinness Book of World Records, in order to celebrate His Majesty the King’s 88 birthday anniversary.