Key Islamic figure calls on Thai military officials


PATTANI – The delegates of the descendant of the prophet Mohammed, have called on Thai military officials, praising the authority’s progress in solving the issue of violence in the southern border provinces.

Yemeni representatives of the Prophet Mohammed’s descendant Habib Omar Mohammed Salem Bin Hafeedh, led by Habib Mohammed Abdullah Ali Aidaros, visited Thailand’s southern border province to meet with the Muslim public in the area and join local authorities in a discussion.

On this occasion, the Fourth Army Region Commander Lieut Gen Wiwat Pathompak thanked the delegates for their visit, saying they would gain first hand insight into the actual situation and the government’s effort to solve the issue.

He said that the Fourth Army Region has continued its efforts to stop violence in the area, as well as eliminating the use of drugs, while using His Majesty the King’s sufficiency economy philosophy guidelines to achieve the goal of security, so that people in the area can live together harmoniously, safely, and be assured of a better quality of life.

The Islamic representative said that he was satisfied with the Thai authority’s operations, and believed that they were on the right track. He said their effort complies with Islamic principles which promote happiness in living together.

He said that he wishes to promote the true teachings of Islam during his visit to Thailand, and stressed that the core value of Islamic belief leads to peace, with respect for others. Islam perceives all religions as important, since all religions share the same objective, which is leading society towards peace.