Kelantan thanks Narathiwat for helping flood-torn Malaysians


NARATHIWAT, 30 January 2015 – The Kelantan State MP and delegates have paid a visit to Narathiwat province to thank Thai people for helping their Malaysian neighbors during the recent flood disaster.

Kelantan MP Ms. Siti Zailah binti Mohammad Yusoff and her group were greeted by Su-ngai Kolok District Chief Worachet Promopart, Su-ngai Kolok Mayor Suchada Pannara, Superintendent of Su-ngai Kolok Police Station Pol Col Kong-at Suwannakam, Narathiwat36 ad hoc unit commander Lieutenant Colonel Pongpat Hongsinlak and Acting Director of the Su-ngai Kolok Office of National Broadcasting Services of Thailand Kusalin Suwanno.

The Kelantan State MP and the delegates, including a Kelantan Provincial Council member, the Kelantan youth association president and the Kelantan women association president, expressed appreciation towards the generosity of Thai people and officials who provided flood-affected Malaysians with basic necessities, medical services and house repair.

The Thai officials, meanwhile, confirmed that Thailand would continue to strengthen the friendship between the two countries. Both parties also expressed willingness to take care of each other during difficult times. Aside from the meeting with Thai officials, Malaysian officials also had a plan to visit the highly-revered 300-year-old mosque of Narathiwat during their visit.

Kelantan State early this year experienced the worst flood in its history which led to losses of up to 200 million Malaysian ringgits.