Kasikorn Bank agrees to refund a customer after online scam


Kasikorn Bank has agreed to refund a customer who staged a sit-in protest in front of the National Police Office on Saturday after someone stole 986,700 baht from his bank account using his ID card and bank account numbers.


The fraud victim, Pansuthee Meeluekit, owner of a car accessories shop, said that on July 31, a certain Sureekrai Anumart asked to buy products from his shop online and then asked for his bank account and ID card numbers so that he could wire money into his bank account.

However, the alleged conman used Pansuthee’s bank account and ID card numbers to apply for a new phone SIM card, claiming he had lost his SIM. Then he asked for the PIN number from the victim.

However, when Pansuthee went to update his bank account book to find out whether money had been wired into his account from Mr Sureekrai or not, he was shocked to find out that six withdrawals were made from his bank account on the same day for the total sum of 986,700 baht.

Responding to the victim’s plight, Adis Laichuthai, senior vice president of Kasikorn Bank, said the bank regretted the incident and agreed to refund him for the amount stolen.

He said the bank would consult with other banks to work out ways to close the loopholes to prevent similar online scam from recurring.