Karen rebels fly flag half-mast to pay respect to HM the King


The Karen National Union (KNU) has ordered its troops based in three border camps in Mae Hong Son, Tak and Kanchanaburi to fly its flag half-mast to pay respect to His Majesty the King, according to Transborder News.


General Bo Jor-hair, deputy commander of the KNLA, was quoted by Transborder News as saying that the central command of the KNLA issued a statement on Friday expressing sorrow for the passing of HM the King on October 13 ordering its troops;, Division 5 in Mae Hong Son, Division 7 in Tak and Division 4 in Kanchanaburi to fly flag in half-mast.

The KNLA central command praised HM the King for his kindness and generosity in providing shelter to the Karen and Mon ethnic people and for allowing Burmese migrant workers to work in Thailand regardless of their racial or religious differences.

The KNU and the Karen people will forever remember the King’s kindness, said the statement.

General Bo Jor-hair said the flag would be flown half-mast for a week starting October 15. He added that the King’s kindness in providing shelter for Karens fleeing the war in Burma would forever be remembered in their minds.