Bangkok City Hall offers free lodging for upcountry mourners


The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has arranged for free lodging for people from upcountry provinces who arrive in Bangkok to pay respect to the late King Bhumibol.


The Thai-Japanese youth centre in Din Daeng which has the capacity to accommodate up to about 500 people and the Ban Imjai in the Mansri office of the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority which has the facility to accommodate about 120 people will be open to the mourners from upcountry provinces who cannot afford the stay in hotels or who do not have relatives in Bangkok.

Upcountry mourners can stay in either of the two lodgings for 5-6 nights at most, said Pol Col Pichai Kriangwattanasiri, director of the municipal police of the City Hall, adding that all they need to do is to show their ID cards and to register in advance.

Also, he said that provincial mourners can stay around the clock at Sanam Luang in tents erected by the City Hall, but they should bring with them their own sleeping bags.

However, they will not be allowed to cook or to dry their clothes in Sanam Luang.

Meanwhile, PM’s Office Minister Suwaphan Tanyuwatthana said the government had set aside spaces at the City Pillar Shrine and at Sanam Luang for mourners to light candles to pay respect to the late King.

Officials, he said, were instructed to warn people not to light candles near the walls of the Grand Palace and to refrain from taking harsh action against them because they did so out of their faith and love for the late King.

The minister also warned the public to be aware of con men taking advantage of the current situation to solicit donations from the public.