Jarupong urges that PRDC’s reform be legal and reasonable


BANGKOK 11 March 2014  Leader of the Pheu Thai party, Jarupong Ruangsuwan, has urged that the reform proposed by the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) be legal and reasonable– at least. 

According to Mr. Jarupong, if the Pheu Thai party is reelected, he, as leader of the Pheu Thai party, will see to it that the reform take place and completed within 1 year’s time.

As for the PDRC’s demand for the nation’s reform, Mr. Jarupong pointed out that the demand had to be legal, reasonable, as well as having substance , adding that his party was also looking for ways for a positive reform.

In regard to the emergency decree being lifted, Mr. Jarupong refused to comment, saying it would be up to the Center for Maintaining Peace and Order to decide on the matter.

When asked about the reinstatement of Mr. Tawin Pleansri as National Security Council Secretary General, Mr. Jarupong brushed aside the question, saying the issue was not under the jurisdiction of his Ministry.