Israeli Ambassador affirms close relations and cooperation with Thailand

H.E. Ms. Orna Sagiv, Ambassador of the State of Israel to Thailand, paid a courtesy call on Deputy Prime Minister Gen. Prawit Wongsuwon on occasion of her assumption of the position.

On September 22, at the Command Building, Government House, H.E. Ms. Orna Sagiv, Ambassador of the State of Israel to Thailand, paid a courtesy call on Deputy Prime Minister Gen. Prawit Wongsuwon on occasion of her assumption of the position. Deputy Government Spokesperson Tipanan Sirichana disclosed gist of the meeting as follows:

The Deputy Prime Minister welcomed the Ambassador to Thailand and congratulated cordial relations between Thailand and the State of Israel as the two countries will celebrate the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations in 2024.  He also expressed hope for future official visit of Israeli President to Thailand to further strengthen relations, and was pleased to learn that the Israeli private sector is interested in attending the 2022 Defence & Security Fair.

The Israeli Ambassador expressed pleasure for the courtesy call, and her readiness to discuss promotion of relations and cooperation in all aspects, especially in trade and investment, labor, technology, and security. Thailand is important to Israel in the Asia Pacific region, and the Ambassador affirmed her country’s commitment to continue forging relations and cooperation with Thailand in all areas.

On labor cooperation, both parties agreed to promote labor rights and welfare, and discussed the possibility of Thai labors to return to work in Israel’s agricultural sector. The Deputy Prime Minister hoped that Israel takes good care of the Thai labor in the country, on which the Ambassador affirmed to do so. Israel would also proceed with the legal aspect of labor deposit fund to promote labor rights and welfare, and consider the possibility of G-to-G agreement on the sending of Thai labor to work in Israel’s construction sector.

Both parties committed to continue promoting trade and investment cooperation in a bid to increase mutual trade volume, and to enhance cooperation on startup and SMEs on which Israel has expertise. The Ambassador welcomed Thai investment in Israel, and expressed readiness to cooperate with Thailand in promoting the BCG economic model. Thailand also acknowledged Israel’s proposal on FTA negotiation, and would assign concerned agencies to work on further detail with the Israel counterpart.

The Deputy Prime Minister and the Ambassador also agreed to promote science, technology, and innovation cooperation, especially in the area of agriculture and water management, on which Thailand has placed great importance.

Exchange of knowledge related to desalination technology was also agreed upon in a bid to address risk of water shortage in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC). The Ambassador also congratulated the signing of an MOU on cyber security cooperation, while the Deputy Prime Minister affirmed Thailand’s readiness to exchange knowledge and experiences with Israel for Thailand’s security and safety.

Both parties were also pleased with close academic and development cooperation, especially through Israel’s Agency for International Development. The Deputy Prime Minister was of the view that Thailand and Israel play constructive role in promoting trilateral cooperation to provide assistance to the developing countries in the region.

On tourism cooperation, the Israeli Ambassador confirmed Thailand’s popularity among Israeli tourists, as approx. 200,000 of them have visited the country each year. She also commended Thailand’s effective response to COVID-19 that has led to the reopening of the country to foreign visitors. The Deputy Prime Minister hoped to welcome more Israeli tourists to Thailand, and affirmed the Thai Government’s commitment to properly ensure their safety while traveling in the country.

Toward the end of the meeting the Deputy Prime Minister confirmed Thailand’s readiness to cooperate with the Ambassador for mutual interest of people of the two countries.


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