Interior Ministry to keep close watch on anti-govt demonstrators


BANGKOK, 22 Oct 2013, Royal Thai Police Commissioner General Adul Sangsingkaew has instructed all units to stand ready for any situation that may occur from the anti-Government demonstration despite the currently calm atmosphere. The Interior Ministry is particularly told to keep an eye on the rally as rumors spread that more supporters have been mobilized from the southern region to join the main force at the Urupong intersection in their bid to stop the proceeding of the Amnesty Bill. 

Interior Minister Jarupong Ruengsuwan said that all provincial governors have been instructed to constantly report the situation in respective areas and make understanding with their people about the Government’s intention and steps to be taken on the controversial bill. He reaffirmed that he had everything under control, adding that the Amnesty Bill would bring about the severely needed unity in Thailand.

Meanwhile, Spokesperson of the Centre for the Administration of Peace and Order (CAPO) Police Lieutenant General Piya Utayo stated the rally of the Thailand Reform Network of Students and People remains peaceful. Nonetheless, he said, officials are still keeping a close watch on the movement.

Regarding the demonstration reinforcement, the police chief has instructed authorities concerned to undergo training to deal with possible violent developments resulting from the rally, Pol.Lt. Piya said.