Interior Ministry says ‘Nong Ploy; can apply for Thai citizenship


Bangkok – There has been a development in the case of Yonruedee “Ploy” Piyathat, a student of Satri Ranong School who is to participate in the Genius Olympiad in the United States but is faced with a problem concerning leaving the Kingdom temporarily, due to being a stateless person.

The Department of Provincial Administration (DOPA) says that she can apply for Thai citizenship, and the DOPA will facilitate the process by taking her to apply for a visa from the Unites Stated Embassy to allow her to travel to the contest.

The circumstances permitting such an application for Thai citizenship are in accordance with Section 7, second paragraph, Nationality Act BE 2508 and the amended Nationality Act BE 2551 (No.4) and the Cabinet resolution on December 7, 2016, which state that citizenship can be granted to students who were born in Thailand of alien parents but who represent a government sector or government agency in an international competition after having lived in Thailand for at least 10 years.

Nong Ploy meets the conditions so the DOPA submitted a letter which announced the result of its consideration of her application for citizenship and will now take her to apply for a passport so that she will be able to apply for a visa from the United States Embassy and travel within the schedule.