Incense smoke contains chemicals that can cause cancer


BANGKOK– Head of the Provincial Public Relations Office in Surin Kanyarat Kiatisupa has warned the public of the danger of incense smoke, saying the smoke can cause lung cancer.

The warning came as the Ministry of Public Health had revealed a surprising fact that over 50 percent of women who died of lung cancer did not smoke, were not continually exposed to cigarette smoke and did not work in conditions conducive to cancer agitation. The study revealed that incense smoke contains 3 chemicals that cause cancer; they are benzene, butadiene and benzopyrene from glue, sawdust and perfume used in the incense’s production process. Benzopyrene itself is a chemical widely known for its potential to cause cancer.

In addition, the study detected other chemicals that can lead to leukemia and bladder cancer.

Mrs Kanyarat suggested that the public should be urged to put out incense after use by placing them in water or sand. Furthermore, she suggested that incense be designed to be easily put out.