Impeachment efforts launched against cabinet over water project


BANGKOK, 28 June 2013 Two separate efforts have been initiated to impeach the cabinet over legal oversights in its 350-billion-baht water and flood management project. 

The Central Administrative Court earlier ordered the government to halt its 350-billion-baht water management project and complete public hearings before signing contracts with construction companies that have won the bids.

Democrat Party legal advisor Wirat Kalayasiri pointed out that the government can file an appeal against the court’s order but it must refrain from moving forward with its contract with Korea Water Resources Corporation. He added that the Democrat Party is fully prepared to launch its impeachment proceedings against the cabinet, expecting the matter to be lodged with the National Anti-Corruption Commission next week.

Meanwhile, the Stop Global Warming Association has also filed its own impeachment motion against the cabinet with the NACC, as it deems the government’s management of the water project unconstitutional.

The group has cited the court’s ruling, which stated that nine modules under the government’s water management plan, including the construction of reservoirs in 17 river basins, water retention along the Chao Phraya River basin, and several floodways, would involve reclamation of residents’ land and land zoning changes that require public input.